Theme Week


Each week features a fun new theme with special activities designed to keep kids entertained and enjoying new experiences! (Note: field trips may vary depending on COVID guidelines)

Water Balloon Fight | Caravel Day Camp

Week One

June 14th-18th
Gold Rush Week One | Caravel Day Camp
All Ages

Gold Rush Week

The hunt for Gold Coins, Gold Nuggets, Treasure Chests, and Lucky Charms! Create your Group Name and Design a Group Banner to be presented at camp. Use a Treasure Map to find the Pot of Gold.

Scavenger Hunt
Camper vs. Counselor Hunt

Field Trip:  TBD

Week Two

June 21st-June 25th
K-3rd Grade

Explorer Week

Scavenger Hunts
Nature Walks
Animal Search
Stone Stories
Outdoor picnic lunch

Field Trip:  TBD

4th-8th Grade

Ninja Warrior Week

Ninja Hang Competition
Obstacle courses, Balance beam event
Jousting Activities
Ninja Line Activity
Nerf Challenges
Group Games and Competitions

Field Trip: TBD

Week Three

June 28th-July 2nd
All Ages

Color Week

Tie Dye Shirts/SocksTie Dye Shirts/Socks
Color Days: Each Grade wears a color
Dodgeball Tournaments 
Twin Day
Photo Contest Week

Field Trip: TBD

Color Week Four | Caravel Day Camp

Week Four

July 6th-10th
Color Week Four | Caravel Day Camp
All Ages

Holidays Week

4th of July Day
Valentine’s Day
December Holidays
April Fool’s Day

Field Trip: TBD

Week Five

July 12th-16th
All Ages

Water Wars Week

Water Battles, Slip-n-Slides, Water Relays, Drip Drip Drop, Sponge Balls, Water Balloon Toss, Frozen Feet, Ice Cube Melt, Water Limbo, and more!

Slip-n-Slides, Squirt Gun Cup Races

Field Trip: TBD

Campers vs Counselors Week Nine| Caravel Day Camp

Week Six

July 19th-23rd
K-3rd Grade

Cowgirls and Cowboys Week

Pin the Hat on the Cowgirl/Cowboy
Country Line Dancing
Pool Noodle
Horse Races
Tin Can Toss

Field Trip: TBD

4th-8th Grade

Scavenger Hunt Week 

Color Wheel Challenge
Balloon Puzzle Challenge
Clothespin Secret Message
Nature Hunt, Alphabet Hunt, Solo Cup Stacking Hunt
Tacky Tourist

Field Trip: TBD

Week Seven

July 26th-july 30th
All Ages

Olympics Week

Banner Parade
Opening and Closing Ceremonies
Javelin/Discus/Hammer Throw
Basketball Toss
Track Races
Volleyball and Baseball Games

Field Trip: TBD

Olympics Week Six | Caravel Day Camp

Week Eight

Aug 2nd-aug 6th
Carnival Week Seven | Caravel Day Camp
All Ages


Bean Bag Toss, Bucket Bounce, Knock the Cans down, Snow Cones, Tattoos, Basketball Shoot, Whipped Cream Eating Contests, and more…

Arts/Crafts Activities
Photo Contest Week

Arts/Crafts Activities
Spa Day
Photo Contest

Field Trip: TBD

Week Nine

Aug 10th-14th
K-3rd Grade

Hollywood and Superheroes

Photo Shoot, Movie/Short Film
Superhero or Hollywood Dress Day
Pin the Bat on Batman
Walk the Red Carpet
Door Decorating Contest
Talent Show
Sports and Spa Day

Field Trip: TBD

4th-8th Grade

Wheel of Themes

Special Themes will be selected and chosen each day of the week.

Dance Challenge, Ninja Warrior, Scavenger Hunt
Hunger Games Obstacle Course Challenge
Talent Show
Sports and Spa Day

Field Trip: TBD

Week Ten

Aug 16th-20th
All Ages

Campers vs. Counselors Week

 Dance Party, Photobooth, Journal Signing, and a Cookout
All the favorite games and activities of the summer will be played!

Kickball Classic and Bumble Ball Challenge
Dress like your Counselor Day

Field Trip: TBD

Water Wars Week Five | Caravel Day Camp
Campers after Color Wars | Caravel Day Camp